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Stacey Angell

Stacey Angell

BYSA Coordinator

Phone: (763) 261-4506 x3168

Vern Johnson

Vern Johnson


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    Becker Youth Football Association

    Becker Youth Football Association (BYFA) exists for the purpose of teaching each child the fundamentals of the sport and to provide the framework for the wholesome participation at each child's playing ability. 

    BYFA participates in the newly formed North Star Youth Football League which is comprised of numerous organizations surrounding the Northern Metro area.

    Having fun while learning, and being treated with dignity is each child's right and each adult's responsibility.

    Coaches and parents shall stress sportsmanship, team spirit, and developing skills more than winning. In addition to learning the fundamentals, the child, parents and coaches should learn and remember how to lose graciously.

    Coaches and parents shall employ appropriate language when dealing with impressionable youth. Coaches or parents will not tolerate profanity.

    Questions? Please contact: Stacey Angell

    Questions? Please contact: Stacey Angell

    Becker Youth Sports Coordinator

    Phone: (763) 261-4506 X3168

    Becker Athletic Complex
    14108 Myhre Street
    Becker, MN 55308

    Parent Communication Help

    Useful resources and links to make sure you're set up properly for team and organization communication.